Testimonials about Charlie “The Hillbilly” and his instructional techniques.


I have had the pleasure of working with Charlie for the past several months and during this time period, have seen a marked improvement in my fundamentals, position play and banking/kicking.  Charlie’s knowledge of the game is unparalleled and his teaching is systematic, organized and local.

He has a passion for the game and this passion translates itself into his teaching.  If your’re interested in real world techniques and teaching that translates into improvement in your pool game, I would recommend contacting Charlie today and putting his experience and teaching to work for you.

-David Coates of Houston, Texas  June 2010




deuel quote


“I got a lesson from Hillbilly halfway through the tournament, after our match- he helped me out with my stroke a little bit,” Deuel said.  “If it
wasn’t for that lesson, I might not have won it.  I don’t know.  He really knows a lot about the game,” Deuel added.


Expert from an interview with Corey Deuel about his win at the Expo, in the InsidePool May/June 2007 magazine



Shuffett Testimonials


Charlie Bryant may be the best “Breaking Coach” in America.  Charlie has isolated critical body positions and physical motions that must occur for power and accuracy in one’s break…  In just one lesson, Landon’s break speed average went from 19/20 mph to 22/23 mph and with increased accuracy to boot.  Landon is very proud to have Charlie as a “Breaking Coach”.

-Stan Shuffett  (Father of Junior Champion Landon Shuffett)




Charlie McKinley Testimonials

“I’ve played for thirty years, on and off, before taking any lessons, and have a four 1/2 by nine-table at the house.  Bottom line is, I could have played another thirty-five years and not learned as much as Charlie taught me in a very few hours, plus a lot of practice on my part.  In the last couple of weeks I’ve won enough in local small, tournaments to more than pay for those lessons.

The guy is truly genuine in his desire to see my game improve.

The Vegas tournament has become an annual thing for me and with a little luck and practice, making it into the masters is not out of the realm of things.  Most players use the memory approach to the game.  With Hillbilly there are relatively simple systems to it all, soft banking, kicking, stroke, aiming, hard banking, along with a lot of stuff I never even dreamed of.

Noticeable improvement in my game took place in about a week and I’ve been trying to make the rest of the information a regular part of my game for about 18 months. That ought to tell you; either I’m stupid or he gave me a lot of information. To boot, it’s all on paper, my only job is the practice.  As for follow up, he’s around and more than willing to answer any of my questions, matter of fact we shared Christmas dinner with friends.”

-Charlie McKinley, 2005





Like so many of you, I reached a plateau in my playing ability.  I found myself staring at the table feeling totally unmotivated.  I recently attended an exhibition at Yorkshire Pub featuring Charlie “Hillbilly” Bryant.  The instruction I received showed me a new perspective on the game and has renewed my enthusiasm for a sport that I have loved for many years.   It is amazing how just a couple of small pointers from a pro-player can change the way you look at the table.   As a result of Charlie’s instruction, I gained a new insight in some basic shooting techniques.  I would really encourage everyone to take advantage of a great opportunity to receive some first class instruction.  I feel I have really benefited from Charlie’s knowledge and would like to pass that opportunity on to all of you.Sincerely,  Angie Bond  March 28, 2004




tom harman testimonials

To improve my pool game, I viewed many pool videos and read most of the books on pool instruction.  I have also studied with several instructors over the years.

However, even with practice, my game did not really improve until I started taking lessons from Charlie ‘Hillbilly” Bryant.  His teaching methods were clear and effective.  By following his program, my game improved dramatically in a short time.

My lessons started with stroke improvement.  Charlie’s stroke exercises enabled me to control the cue ball in ways I had not imagined.  The next lessons on aiming were probably the most useful to me.  By applying Charlie’s aiming methods, my shot making ability changed from just average to excellent.  Other lessons covered issues such as position play, speed control and banking.  One of the best of Charlie’s techniques is his kicking system.  Using the system, I feel confident that I can hit a ball anywhere on table after being hooked.  This ability is particularly important in games where ball-in-hand for the opponent is the penalty for a foul.

I look forward to many more lessons with Charlie. In fact, my banking ability has improved so much with just a few banking lessons , that I have entered the Derby City Classic bank pool tournament in 2004.  Although I don’t expect any prizes playing some of the best bank pool players in the country, I am confident that I will not be embarrassed by my play in Louisville.

Whether you need help with stroke, aim, position play or strategy, Charlie will help you reach your best potential.  If you wish to shoot better pool, I encourage you to sign up for lessons with Charlie.  The results will be amazing!

In summary, Charlie’s terrific pool playing is obvious but more important for his students is his great teaching skill.  He honestly wants us to improve and he will work hard to help us raise our game.

-Tom Harman, Professor of Electrical Engineering at University of Houston, Clear Lake







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