Instruction – Lessons and Seminars

You have never experienced Instruction like this before!  The Hillbilly Express Instructional Series- “All Aboard!”



After decades of private lessons, group seminars, exhibitions and now online videos, he has perfected his training technique known as the ‘Hillbilly Express Instructional System’.  Rates and packages are as follows.  If you are interested in booking, please send us a message through the CONTACT page.  We will follow up as soon as possible.


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As of January 1, 2018
Student(s) will be responsible for table costs if no arrangements have been made.  Package rates subject to restrictions for select areas.

  1. Individual Lessons – First 2 hours is $175 and $100 per hour after that when lesson takes place at our training facility in Santa Fe, Texas.  On the road, private lessons are $100 per hour with a 2 hour minimum and the student is responsible for table time.
  2. Individual Lessons (1/2 Package) – $400 for 5 hours ($100 discount!), with a 25% down payment paid in advance,
    failure to appear at lessons results in forfeiture of down payment.  24 hour notice required for re-scheduling.
  3. Individual Lessons (Full Package) – $850 for 12 hours ($350 discount!), with a 25% down payment paid in advance, failure to appear at lessons results in forfeiture of tuition.  24 hour notice required for re-scheduling.
  4. Group Lessons / Seminar – $1000 for a 1 day seminar (6-8 hrs) or $1750 for a 2 day seminar (6-8 hrs/day).  50% deposit due at time of booking, remainder due at beginning of lesson.  It is up to the venue, league operator or coordinator to advertise the event.  We recommend making the seminar open to anyone to maximize your business.  If coordinator wishes to recoup their investment, it is up to them to set the cost that they will charge attendees.  It has been our experience that this causes attendance to decrease.  48 hour notice required for re-scheduling.  Group seminars consist of a four hour instructional demonstration, a 2 hour Q&A and the remaining time is reserved for “Challenge the Pro” in which the instructor helps the student in the match, demonstrating situational shots.

***Some discounts are available.  Ask us how


Basic description of rules and expectations


  1. Come alone. Please do not bring spouses, children or friends with you.
  2. Cash is preferred but we are also equipped to take credit card payments. Checks are not accepted. Your information will never be shared and is securely destroyed upon completion of payment and lesson.
  3. Lessons may never be recorded. No sound or video recording devices may be used.
  4. You will be given paperwork during your lesson. We respectfully ask that you not freely share this information with others.
  5. Please be on time. If you are going to be late or cannot make it, please call.
  6. For lessons over two (2) hours, a short break will be taken mid-lesson.
  7. The above mentioned rules are in place to protect both the student and the instructor. Further explanation will be provided, upon request, prior to the first lesson.


Bring with you:

  1. Payment, if not already made, along with driver’s license if paying by credit card or check.
  2. A spiral notebook or blank paper and a pen/pencil. Part of your training is to take notes and keep record of your progress and that will start at your first lesson.
  3. Something to drink (and eat for longer lessons).
  4. Your equipment. While we have cues at our locations, it is always best to learn with your own.


What you are expected to do:

  1. Be open to the content and techniques conveyed by the instructor. All skills tie into each other and are taught in a way so as to strengthen your game.
  2. These skills will strengthen with use so practice regularly. You are essentially “re-training” your body and mind to do things that it is not used to doing. Results are rarely instantaneous.
  3. If you are unclear or having trouble with something, do not try to work it out yourself. Always call and ask. We will do everything in our power to help you.
  4. Allow a minimum of one (1) week between lessons. You will be given a lot of information so before moving forward, it needs to be properly processed and a full understanding obtained.


Click HERE for a downloadable, more detailed version of the rules and expectations.